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Double Exposure
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by Shane Levi Silverstein
















Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety-Five"

by Jackson Potter






Jackson Potter & Shane Levi Silverstein:
Double Exposure


March 3-29, 2009
Artist Reception - Saturday, Mar 21, 2-5pm

The photographic work of two local High School boys will be on display at the Firehouse Center for the Arts Gallery, winning out in an adjudicated process over many seasoned, professional photographers.  Jackson Potter and Shane Levi, both Newburyport High School students, have combined their efforts into a show they’ve entitled “Double Exposure.” The pair’s exciting photos, reflect a hip yet sophisticated sensibility.

About Jackson Potter-  You can view many of Jackson’s photos at  He has exhibited at juried shows in the Newburyport Art Association, and has worked extensively with GII8, a student gallery at Newburyport  High School that he helped organize. 

About Shane Levi Silverstein- You can view many of Shane’s photos at  He  both studied at and exhibited at juried shows for the Newburyport Art Association in addition to having two works displayed in the annual NAA “Budding Artist” show.  He is a treasurer for the Newburyport  High School art gallery which he has been involved with since its inception, and has interned with local professional photographer Dawn Norris.

Artist Statement: Jackson Potter- Growing up in New England, I've developed a curious infatuation with the multitude of colors and textures of our unique environment.  The brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn, the soft textures of the great marsh, and the wide open sounds of the ocean all inspire my work.  I aim to bring into focus the hidden minutia of everyday life:  the texture on a metal fence-post, the soft green of a chestnut — these beautiful details are often overlooked in our helter-skelter everyday life.

Artist Statement: Shane Levi Silverstein- I take photographs to capture moments, and to look at them in a new way. When I travel, I use pictures as a tool to remember the people and places I’ve seen.  I like to look back and see what has been around me throughout my life, and how beautiful so much of it has been. It is oftentimes difficult to absorb and appreciate my surroundings at the time, but photography allows me to make imprints of these surroundings, and look back at them.
I like to look at the world from different ways, and record the most visually appealing perspective in a photograph. For me, a successful artwork is one that a viewer looks at the longest. People will always view art in their own way. I feel that if the photograph is successful, its viewers will want to study it, as well as the feelings it makes them feel.


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"Double Exposure" is co-produced by the Firehouse.

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