by John Cariani

A Firehouse Production. From the writer of “Almost, Maine” comes a collection of nine slighty twisted and completely hilarious vignettes about the pain and joy that comes with being in love.

by John Cariani

March 30 - April 2, 2017
Thursday - Saturday Evenings at 8:00pm
Sunday Matinees at 3:00pm

$18.00 Opening Night
$21.00 Members
$23.00 Students and Seniors
$25.00 Non-Members

Set on a Friday night in an alternate suburban reality, this 80-minute romp explores the pain and the joy that comes with being in love. Full of imperfect lovers and dreamers, LOVE/SICK is an unromantic comedy for the romantic in everyone.

The Nine Vignettes:

Obsessive Impulsive
Directed by: Tim Diering
Cast: Ashley Risteen, Christopher Ferrill
A man and a woman, both with the same rare disorder, begin an intense love affair – in the middle of the Super Center.

Singing Telegram
Directed by: Kimm Wilkinson
Cast: Julie McConchie, Chris Kandra
Louise is thrilled when her boyfriend sends her a singing telegram before a date, but the Singing Telegram Man is reluctant to deliver the message.

Directed by: David Houlden
Cast: David Toro, Michael Johnson
Ben puts his heart on the line, but Andy has trouble hearing the news.

The Answer
Directed by: Stephen Faria
Cast: Abby Seabrook, Jon Gray
On the day of Keith and Celia’s wedding, the groom has an important realization.

Directed by: Tim Diering
Cast: Christopher Donahue, Alyssa Branciforte
Sarah and Bill spend another Friday night in. Sarah decides it’s time to shake things up.

Lunch and Dinner
Directed by: Matthew Lundgren
Cast: Robert Mantegani, Sarah Bird
Mark and Kelly go through the motions at home after work…until Kelly mentions what she had for lunch.

Directed by: Jeff Rath
Cast: Kate Ventimiglia, Michael Barry
On her birthday, Jill reflects on an important thing she forgot to do.

Where Was I?
Directed by: Jason Breitkopf
Cast: Kimberly Feener, Sarah Gibby
While searching for her daughter’s favorite doll, Abbie realizes something else is missing too.

Directed by: Matthew Lundgren
Cast: Ted Silva, Jodi Buoncuore
Ex-husband and wife Jake and Emily run into each other at the Super Center and talk about their past, present, and possible future.


“A whimsical romantic comedy. In the nine vignettes that make up the play, couples meet, or break apart, or learn to love each other more… the jokes here are easygoing and snark-free."
—The New York Times

“LOVE/SICK brings to light the complexity of communication and what it means to not only love someone else, but yourself as well… truly beautiful.”

“A dark, amusing look at romance…strikes just the right balance between wisdom and whimsy…light, bright, anti-romantic, and engaging.”
—The Hartford Courant.

“Entertaining and fun. A satisfyingly dark look at this thing we call love."

“Sometimes playwright John Cariani looks at the world—actually the worlds—of love and relationships through rose-colored glasses. Just as often he views those worlds through lenses tinted a middling-to-dark-gray or maybe a jaundiced yellow. While poking fun at the happily-ever-after notion by means of a strong dose of happily-never-after, Cariani shoots his cockeyed valentines with a quiver full of funny lines. He knows how to keep audiences laughing while passing along disappointing news."
—The Huffington Post


Permission granted by DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC.

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