Mike Fahey Visual Music

ON EXHIBIT: July 19, 2017 –August 13, 2017

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: July 22, 2017 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Finely crafted and painted wood-relief guitar constructions dedicated to the genius of iconic guitarists such as Bob Dylan, Ronnie Earl, George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Mighty Sam McClain among others.

In the Ground and the Air
Mike Fahey [painted wood construction]

About the Artist: 

At once painter and wood carver-sculptor, Mike Fahey studied at the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts; Massachusetts College of Art; and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of Boston.

Celebrating the synergy between music and visual art, Fahey’s finely crafted and painted wood-relief guitar constructions are dedicated to the genius of iconic guitarists such as Bob Dylan, R.E.M., Ronnie Earl, George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mark Knopfler, Mighty Sam McClain among others. These deeply thoughtful constructions are designed upon elements of rhythm, patterns, tempo and harmony; dynamics, dissonance, color as mood, and melody as the theme.

While highly complex and articulated, each finished piece is an integrated, harmonious whole. Working primarily in earth tones, Fahey explores color values, warms and cools, and juxtaposing unexpected color combinations. His creative process is an organic ebb and flow of conceptualizing, drawing, assembling, sculpting, sanding down, carving out and building back up. This organic energy resonates from the very planes, curves and contours of each piece. Fahey sees this organic process as a ‘continuous creative search’.

"Curiosity is the main drive behind my artistic pursuits. I learn something new with every piece I create, which feeds into the next work. Ideas and possible directions keep multiplying the more I do, which is exciting because I don’t know where this may lead - I have to work on the next piece to see where it is going. I am finding that the more knowledge and experience I gain, how little I know and how much more is out there to learn.” (Mike Fahey)

Artist Statement:

“The assembled and wood relief constructions I create start out as puzzles - they are built up over time as I ponder their meaning and how to interpret and integrate that meaning into the work.

My current series - Visual Music - explores the relationship between visual art and music. I find it interesting these different sensory mediums of sight and sound both utilize the same compositional elements such as rhythm, patterns, tempo, and harmony to build its structure, dynamics, dissonance, and ‘color’ to set its mood, and ‘melody’ to establish its main theme.

The guitar motif is my starting point. While working up drawings, I peruse through favorite songs looking for a connection, bouncing back and forth between drawings and songs. A song’s title or lyric, or a drawing’s mood or rhythm may spark an idea of what this piece should be about. Once I have a starting point, I will expand on this idea. The work will continue to grow, evolve, possibly change course throughout the process of creation. It seems like a foregone conclusion when the piece is done, but always amazes me when looking back on the twists and turns I took to get here. For me, the journey is ‘the thing’, and everything learned on the journey helps to build on and evolve the next work forward.” (Mike Fahey)

Mike Fahey
In the Sky
Mike Fahey [painted wood construction]

Mike Fahey
License To Kill
Mike Fahey [painted wood construction]

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