Presented by Methuen Ballet Ensemble

The Firehouse welcomes back long-time favorite Methuen Ballet Ensemble with their rendition of the classic tale "Cinderella".

$23.00 All Seats

Cinderella is the story of a young peasant girl living with her stepmother and two stepsisters cursed to a lifetime of menial chores and labor.

In Act I, when all the young maidens in the village are invited to the Prince’s Ball, Cinderella begs and pleads to attend, but her stepmother will not allow it. After her family leaves for the ball, Cinderella’s fairy godmother appears and grants her wish. She is visited by fairies who bestow upon her a beautiful gown,glittering glass slippers and a luxurious coach so that she may attend the ball. However,her fairy godmother warns that Cinderella must return home before midnight or the spell will wear off.

In Act II, the Prince is entertaining his guests at the ball. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters attempt to woo the prince, but their efforts have little effect on him. Cinderella arrives, her identity hidden from the family, and she is able to win the Prince’s favor, much to the displeasure of her stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella leaves the ball as the clock strikes midnight and loses one glass slipper as she flees. The Prince then vows to find and marry this girl. In his search for her, he tries the glass slipper on all the maidens in the kingdom. Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother try to fit into the slipper, but to no avail. Cinderella is then asked to try the slipper on as she is the only remaining maiden yet to try. The stepsisters laugh and make fun or her but the glass slipper fits perfectly on her foot. Cinderella and the Prince return to the palace and are married by Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

History of the Methuen Ballet Ensemble:
Vanessa Rae Voter founded Methuen Ballet Ensemble in 1989 as a platform for promising students to showcase their talents, performing both classical and modern ballets for the public. Her inspiration came from her years as a dancer with Boston Ballet. During the audition process for "The Nutcracker", those children not cast in roles touched her, by their disappointment and tears. She vowed that someday she would have a company of her own, where every child who auditioned would be guaranteed a part. She realized her dream and has been successfully staging "The Nutcracker" for eighteen years, never having rejected an auditioning dancer.

About Vanessa Rae Voter:
Vanessa Rae Voter is Artistic Director and Choreographer for Methuen Ballet Ensemble, a semi-professional ballet company. She is also Director of the Classical Ballet program at Voter's School of Dance, founded by her mother, Pam Voter, in 1951. Ms. Voter attended The Boston Conservatory. In addition to dancing with Boston Ballet, she also performed with Ballet Dance Theatre of Boston. Her extensive training includes instruction from Marina Svetlova, Madame Sulamith Messerer (former Prima Ballerina and teacher with the Bolshoi Ballet), E. Virginia Williams, Violet Verdi, Robert Pierce, and David Howard. She has been a guest teacher for Dance Teachers Club of Boston and Dance Teachers Club of Brockton, as well as serving on judge's panels in both Boston and Brockton. She is a member of Dance Teachers Club of Boston and National Council of America and a member of Dance Masters of America. In addition to teaching classical ballet on a full-time basis, Ms. Voter has also choreographed all ballets performed by Methuen Ballet Ensemble. Included in her portfolio are: Swan Lake, Peter and the Wolf, Peter Pan, Snow White, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Fisherman & The Maiden, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Coppellia, The Magic Flute, Petrushka, La Petite Fantastique, and The Nutcracker.

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