Gen Z Project

The Fear of Missing Out and Messing Up


*Due to strong language and themes, this production is not suitable for young children

This production will explore the obstacles members of Generation Z (born after 1996) face in their day to day lives such as RELATIONSHIPS with friends and family, INFLUENCES and PRESSURES from SOCIAL MEDIA and from PEERS, ACADEMIC AND CAREER EXPECTATIONS from parents, school, work, and society at large, and IDENTITY, IMAGE and SELF WORTH. These challenges can lead to feelings of GUILT and SHAME, to heightened STRESS, as well as experiences of ANXIETY and DEPRESSION, which eventually can lead to DEPENDENCE or ADDICTION. The rapid advent of technology, coupled with the fallout from post-911 America, has presented this generation with as much to process in one’s youth as any previous generation, if not more, and we wish to explore this generation’s unique experiences.

A group of 14 Gen Zers have been creating this production together as a cast through a collaborative process known as DEVISING. Devising is a method of theatre-making where the the whole creative team develops a script together through active participation in prompts, exercises, and activities, as well as cooperative conversations. They have created a production by exploring improvisation scenes, creating movement pieces, free writing, and finding poignant music selections, among many other exercises. 

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