John Stephen Hatch Borderlands

ON EXHIBIT: November 8, 2017 –December 3, 2017

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: November 12, 2017 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Exceptionally beautiful landscapes, waterways and bygone rural sites of quiet isolation and solitude. These dramatic, otherworldly photographic scenes are marked by a masterful chiaroscuro – strong tonal contrasts of diffused light and deep velvet shadow.

House on the Borderland
John Stephen Hatch [Digital Infrared Photography]

About the Artist:

For over thirty years, John Stephen Hatch worked professionally in optical thin films, that is, specialized coatings used primarily for space, defense, and medical purposes. Over the course of his career, Hatch worked on components for several planetary probes as well as on the optics for the new James Webb Space Telescope due to be launched next year.

An avid photographer from an early age, John Stephen Hatch has spent a lifetime shooting images far and wide. He recalls his very early work - of falling snow and double rainbows - done with an Instamatic camera. Eventually, looking to expand his capabilities, he came upon a dual lens supplemental kit with both wide angle and telephoto lenses at the local camera shop in Glens Falls, NY. These special lenses slid on to the barrel of the fixed lens and included a viewer adapter that clipped to the top - for Hatch, quite an advanced system at the time. Many years later he acquired his "big boy camera," a Canon F-1 with a 58mm f1.2 lens. For Hatch, the ability to control his exposure and view with interchangeable lenses allowed for significant advances in his photography. Soon Hatch began competing in photography contests and exhibiting his work.

In 1996 he attended the Hallmark Institute of Photography (Turners Falls, MA). Upon completion of the program, Hatch moved to Plum Island (MA) and started exhibiting and receiving awards through the Newburyport Art Association (NAA) where he now serves as President of the Photography Interest Group (PHIG). Hatch received a “Featured Artist” Show at the NAA in 2013 and 2016 and will be doing so again in the Fall of 2018. In the meantime, with a strong interest in Celtic mythology and history, Hatch enjoys travelling to Ireland and Britain to photograph and study the ancient megalithic sites, stone circles and burial chambers.

Artist Statement:

“I have always regarded photography as a magical art. From its humble beginnings as a mere pinhole in the wall of a darkened room bordering the outside and projecting an image (Camera Obscura) to its many years wedded to Silver and arcane chemicals mixed in the dark. And that it could (seemingly) from nowhere produce profound images. I have also regarded photographs as crystallizations of time. A moment preserved for ever while the river continues to flow. Although I regard myself as primarily a nature/scenic photographer I have in recent years been exploring the unseen world of the infrared, light that cannot be seen with human eyes that needs to be translated to our realm. I also like to challenge the viewers’ perceptions and put them in a space where they are not sure where they stand. What is the scale? Are they standing on a precipice or is it an illusion?” (John Hatch)

John Stephen Hatch
Heart of the Mist
John Stephen Hatch [Film Photography]

John Stephen Hatch
Come Away
John Stephen Hatch [Digital Infrared Photography]

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