Dmitri Serdukoff “Objects of Lust"

ON EXHIBIT: October 10, 2018 –November 4, 2018

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: October 21, 2018 2:00pm – 4:00pm

A collection of striking images by Dmitri Serdukoff that puts simple objects - mechanisms, torn and twisted iron, steel, and rust - that usually receive little notice at the center of attention as they are: naturally beautiful.

About the Artist:

Dmitri Serdukoff is foreign born and spent the first half of his lifetime overseas. The past includes an assortment of checkmarks: a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, a job in defense industry, several years as a graphic design artist, book illustrator, photographer. He is currently employed as a mechanical design engineer in the automation industry.

As a child he spent his time building plane, ship, and car models, drafting, drawing, painting, carving, and sculpting. Summers were spent in the country, discovering and climbing, bicycle, soccer, kites, backpacking with friends. Stumbling on photography in high school, it quickly a lifetime passion. He built his first darkroom and started inventing new techniques and experimenting with chemistry. He scavenged decommissioned industrial components, using them to design and make optical attachments, rudimentary lenses, and cameras.

At a Mechanical Engineering job, Serdukoff found a new passion in designing exquisite elastic micromechanics with infinite life and accuracy. He borrowed ideas from nature, such as its porous and elastic structures. However he found it difficult to fit into formalized corporate framework with expected codified behavior and pre-patterned thinking.  He returned to inventing more new photographic techniques, and in doing so rediscovering a new æsthetic of simplicity in fine art photography, and finding new introspective subject matters. He began collecting weathered beach artifacts around the world, rusted things and objects of post-industrial decay, and set out to capture them with more self-made lenses, cameras, and fixtures. He is working on becoming a regularly exhibiting photographic artist.

Artist Statement:

“This ‘Objects of Rust Lust’ collection presents somewhat of an antidote for modern art photography with its technical perfection. Today’s world is saturated with images. Everything has already been photographed. The “eye candy” is everywhere. New technology offers higher, more detailed technical quality every year.

To counter that, to say something visually different, I did not want to go with the flow by starting from the camera looking for things to aim the lens at. The opposite interests me: to identify with a humble something in search for the right process, to make it a picture. Simple objects around us receive little notice. Yet, each wants to be a protagonist, maybe just once.

For some time I have been searching for a new visual language that is different from technically impeccable. It is liberating to depart from trendy equipment and techniques, and I am trying my first set of ideas here. This collection deliberately draws from my roots, youth, when as a young photographer I was exposing 13cm×18cm glass plates, then film, decades before digital became the norm.

As you look at these images, please do not search for deeper and hidden meaning. The objects are what they are – mechanisms, torn and twisted iron, steel, rust. Naturally beautiful. Look - they are becoming the iron ore again! From dust they come, to dust they shall return.

Objects of … dust.” (Dmitri Serdukoff)



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