Ed Porzio Feathers, Fins, Wings & Things

ON EXHIBIT: May 22, 2019 –June 16, 2019

ARTIST'S RECEPTION: May 26, 2019 3:00pm – 5:00pm

In Ed Porzio's Feathers, Fins, Wings & Things, structure tames chaos and sets it free in a joyful body of work.

About the Artist:

Somewhere between the world of art and architecture, Ed Porzio resides.  Original and innovative, his works surprise the eye, catching it off guard with tweaks and quirks, imperfections that make each piece real and imbibe it with that indescribable life that marks art.  Porzio found his joy in art whilst still in the first grade, yet put it aside for much of his life. In adulthood, he slowly rediscovered that boy in the first grade. Porzio has claim to a natural talent, an ability to instinctively know where lines should flow, where the canvas calls to be blank, where order must meet the wildness of expression. Originally trained in architecture, Porzio now brings this approach to more fluid subjects.  He works in a range of mediums and styles, constantly exploring the unexpected. Structure tames chaos and sets it free in Porzio's pieces, charming the eye with their often humorous and playful undertones, and eliciting a smile in the heart of the viewer.

Artist Statement:

“My work is whimsical, colorful, somewhat humorous and childlike, yet with attention focused on design and composition.  I see the beauty in the unconventional, and render it in its purity. Chickens racing, stylized shoes, the abstraction that comes from juxtaposed forms, all is kinetic and everlasting; I am interested in revealing depth in the seemingly ordinary.  I am able to grasp a nebulous idea, and influenced by my training in architecture, apply thoughts and observations to concrete forms.

There is a certain pleasure in being able to break the day's usual chain of concerns, if even for a mmoment.  The centuries have spoken to us of higher worlds in the form of silent music. I open myself to the observation of these worlds and manifest them through the delight of form and substance.”

(Ed Porzio)




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